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Hey CR,
I need the community to chime in on this issue that I've been having with my NA. I have a 95 with 125K on the odometer. And since i've purchased it, has had noise from the HLA's. Nothing that really bothered me much, just noise in the morning or after long sits like after work. It usually goes away after 10mins or so. Engines never been rebuilt to my knowledge, timing belt, water pump, accessory belts have been done by previous owner about 20k ago. all in all a really strong running motor.

I have registered for the Miata's at Laguna Seca event in march and would like to know if i should get this issue addressed before hand. I have a rebuilt and ported head from my previous na with 3k since rebuilt. Along with the head are ARP head studs, gates racing timing belt, and OEM head gasket that i would install as well if i decide to take on this job.

Due to the recent upgrades that were performed in getting ready for the event like wheels/tires, brake pads, rotors, and SS lines. As well as the event registration, hotel reservations and gas ect. I'm pretty much at my limit with the monies.

Is the HLA noise going to be an issue? I will be driving my NA there and back as well as on the track on sat.
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