Holla from Chicago!

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Hello folks, Ive got a red '90 with 82k on it, tasteful functional modifications. Im new to the forum, but not to Miatas, this is my third, the first was wrecked at Gingerman raceway going into a wall. The second was rolled at Autobahn country club.. Needless to say I'm an advocate for a good roll bar.. lol. anyway, nice to be part of the forum, ive enjoyed reading it for awhile now, figured id join in on the fun finally!

And my first Miata: ('91 w/ 54k) Oops!
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And I am indeed a Miata killer, not on purpose though!
Miata manslaughter then? lol (or would that be carslaughter?) Anyway, welcome sir, and that Lamborghini is very cool. Even cooler that the Lambo and Miata get to share a garage :phillyb:
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