hot decal pg-13

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essential gear for all mazda roadsters

ebay link for the pimps with the $$:
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Isn't that supposed to go on Mazda truck.

We'd better be careful here, in case this ends up mocking someone else's taste :roll: . Each to their own.
anyone know any strippers that have miata??

this would make a great christmas present for them.
There used to be one at the strip club uptown... had a body kit installed (the car). Never did go in to find out whos car it was.
I like RAIDERS and NIKE logo stickers on my rear wind sheild.
Some how I dont think the wife would approve...although i just couldnt figure out why lol
Some how I dont think the wife would approve...although i just couldnt figure out why lol
I could put it on my Miata and my gf would still say it looks gay.

And that my friends are the idiots. Man am I glad I only made a few opening post there, before being invited to this forum.

I'd buy the sticker, but the link wont open! :-( I think it's badass. :mrgreen:
IFGD ftw.
IFGD said:
This thread reeks of a honda forum.

A bunch of people telling the OP that he is an idiot and one (supermiataman) even attacks his car without provocation.

This is incase any of you forgot.

If you don't have anything constructive to say.....
Wonder how much longer till that thread gets locked...
Hell, I ran a few AX's with a stripper girl on the antenna...

Need to put it back on for the event this weekend...
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thats what u get for stealing my thread off 2 :mrgreen: b****H !!
My eyes are getting bad, when i 1st opened the thread i thought i was looking at the letter "M" (a melting version) with mazda underneath it, then i looked harder and saw the female shape, hahhahah

And i dont even have any Sapporo in me yet? Anyhow, i would pimp one on the toolbox fo-siz and giggles :mrgreen:

also, who says you cant install mudflaps on a Miata anyhow?


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dang they even included the pointy nipples
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