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Been contemplating on selling my baby for a bigger, more practical car for sometime now but something tells me I'll somehow regret it if I do. This is the most fun, reliable, and peace of mind (against theft) car I've ever owned. I'd appreciate any suggestions on what you think I should ask for. With and without the hardtop (Although I think I'm better off selling separately) Thank you very much in advance.


Brilliant Black, Tan Leather interior, C-Package, 61,1xx original miles, 5-speed, matching OEM Hardtop w/ Defroster & Headliner

Engine: Stock
Exhaust: Goodwin Racing Stainless Catback Exhaust
Suspension: KYB 8-Way Adjustables/TEIN Springs
Wheels: 15" RSpeed Chapparal Silver/Toyo T1R 205/50
Interior: IL Motorsport Dash/Gauge Rings, MRoad (Dan Pedroza) Vent Rings, Voodoo chrome shiftknob & EBrake handle
Exterior: OEM Mazda R Package Front & Rear Valences, OEM Mazda Stainless Fuel Cap, KG Works Japan Front Side License Plate Holder, Clear Sidemarkers
Audio: Alpine CDA-9835 Headunit, Infinity Kappa 6.5 3-Ways, Max-5 Headrest Speakers
Security/Convenience: VIPER 500 Alarm with Remote Pager, EMiata Keyless Entry System

Important notes: No rust, soft-top & plastic window in very good condition, new battery (1 month old), oil change w/ Castrol GTX oil & OEM Mazda filter every 3 months regardless of miles (usually only 1.5k mile every 3 months), NGK wires/plugs, Redline Tranny & Diff fluid every year, Clutch is good, Timing belt/Water Pump NOT done (I personally think 60K is just too early - I would do it at 70-75k), a couple of barely noticeable door dings, one noticeable ding (penny size) on the rear fender near the battery. Otherwise, car is mechanically sound and runs superb. Needs nothing. If I sell the car, I think I will end up removing the Alpine HU and putting the stock radio on along w/ old Sony 6-CD Changer. One last thing, mods are relatively new - none older than a year and a half. I've owned the car for 2 years, which was completely stock then.

Paint is 8/10, Interior is 9/10.

PS I'm not SET on selling her. Just wanted to get an idea from you guys :)


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wow very nice miata,, Id say like 8k???, in all reality prolly worth more that is just the max what I could see paying

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I'd say $8k tops. Mods, even done well, don't increase value that much. Keep in mind, I(over) paid for a stock 97M with 81k on it two years ago, so plan accordingly.
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