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Hello, I'm looking to purchase my first Miata. I currently have my eye on this turbocharged one off craigslist. I'm not sure about the year though I'm pretty sure it has a 1.6L. What would be a fair price to pay for this car? Thanks in advance.

Details about the car:

Clean Title 112K original 2nd owner ADULT OWNED
SMOG legal turbo kit with current registration and SMOG
Complete build with lots of spares

5spd, AC, power steering

Here is a quick 411 on the car.....boost is conservatively run around 5 PSI car is capable of 12 PSI boost based on intercooler, piggyback ecu, injectors, wideband and brains
head ported, polished and valve grind and allign
New hoses and belts less then 3k miles ago (include timing and water pump)
larger injectors in the car miata 1.8s and flowed and matched larger Supra injectors ready to go
Larger 190 fuel pump
Greddy CARB legal tubo 1.6 kit of course
Intercooler and piping
tunable blow off valve
Piggy Back ECU in the car and Mega Squirt on the shelf
dual feed fuel rail on the shelf
Secondary fuel regulator and BEGI rising rate fuel regulator on the shelf
Fuel pressure dual feed rail and fuel pressure gauge on the shelf
Koyo racing aluminum radiator
Water bypass kit for increased cooling
Digital water temp gauge with memory
Fly N Miata Boost gauge
Wideband and digital data tool and recorder (downloadable to PC)
BEGI stainless steel down pipe
Enthuza custom stainless steel 3" turbo exhaust with custom 3" high flow cat that is CA SMOG legal
1.8 diff case with RX-7 LSD
larger drive line and axles
Alum. flywheel with stage II clutch
Big Brake Kit Painted Red with high temp brake paint
New slotted cross drilled rotors with lifetime warranty
Hawk HP+ new brake pads front and rear
Rota 16s
Falcon Azina 615s HP tires in great shape 80% tread 215-45-16
Fly N Miata stage II shocks (8 way adjustable) and springs
Fly N Miata sway bars front and rear
Fly N Miata cross center chassis support
MazdaSpeed pillowball swaybar links
Harddog double diagonal roll bar
TSI intakes
polished and tinted turn signal lights
black hard top
carbon fiber rear tail lights
Roadster rear center light
Custom alum. air intake for increased cooling and intake temps
Also have a painted to match more aggressive front bumper not on the car

Link to ad:

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I think the price is fair, considering it includes a MS and a hardtop. MS goes for around 3-400 and hardtop 6-800 so easily $1000. If the car is built right (tune), has no leaks/problems, etc, and the paint and body is alright (not savage), then the current price is reasonable. However, you should wait a bit because turbo miatas are hard to sell so he would most likely lower the price soon.

Main point: don't buy a turbo miata if you are not planning on working on the car yourself in case you run into any problems.
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