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i like JDM stuff. anyways. i crawled over here from and thought i'd introduce myself. Centreville, VA is the location. autox and DIY install parties is where i'm at.

where i've been:

1990 CRX Si
1977 Honda Civic CVCC
1993 Ford Ranger 4.0 4x4
2000 Frontier Crew Cab

where i am now:
1986 Honda Civic Si
1987 Ford F150
1988 Honda Civic 4 door RallyCross car
1994 NA miata ES
1999 VW bug (wifes)

pictures are located here:

first car. had the following major mods, plus a whole lot more:
b16a swap (160hp VTEC, 112 tq)
7 lb flywheel
4-2-1 stainless header
Koni Yellow shocks
Ground control coilovers, 550lb front, 600lb rear
addco 3/4 rear swaybar, stock front
Neuspeed front/rear upper strut bars, Cusco front/rear lower
few odds/ends.

more pics here: (along with a few of my bro's old 00 Civic Hatch with Type R power.

don't have many pics of the 77 civic, can't actually find any..
but it was "setup" with carrera coilovers, stripped interior, autopower roll bar, and a kirky seat w/four point harnesses...

ranger. eh.. same with crew cab.

current mad-tyte JDM ride:

1986 Honda Civic Si
(first year available, only year of that body style available in white)
dad bought it new in 1986, has 230k miles on it.
"JDM" goodness:
front headlights, corner lights, hood, header panel
rear tail lights
rollin on:
either Mugen CF-48's with Falkens or,
Black Racing BR-R's and crappy Fuzions.
Koni yellows all around, revavled and shortened,
27mm front torsien bars, (no springs ma!), spherical bearing camber plates
475lb rear springs, addco 3/4 sway bar
mods coming soon:
front big brake kit off of 92+ civic (one inch bigger rotor) HP+ pads
rear disk brake "upgrade" from 86-89 integra, prelude MC SS lines, and new Proportion valve.
soon to be:
powered by same b16a as was in CRX, along with a few small new goodies.

pics: (with and without roofrack. roof rack is now gone sitting in garage)

many more in almost all these galleries:

and finally,
1994 NA Miata, "A" package.
135k miles
NGK blue wires (ooohhh!!!)
BFG traction TA's (surprisingly grippy!)
new Ebay special top (installed with a little help from friends. easier than i thought!)
Tokico Illuminas
and that's about it.. me and the wife autox it whenever we can, in ES. she is catching up to me!

uh yeah, any questions. let me know..

and "Hi!"

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Your license plate on the EF looks familiar... 1l1lll111l

I'm almost certain I've seen that from the forum.


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Awww fawk!! Is your brother tony? or goes by "ceas" also? I think that EK looks VERY familiar. Since you guys are from Va, i'm sure you (or your bro) know Merritt also. If your brother is Ceas, then yes, he was one of the O.G members (like myself) before it was (It split into and HybridGarage, most stayed with, long story). Back when it was and we were just experimenting with different swaps. How time's change. Here's my old hybrid crx on the original site=

Nice to see Honda peeps in here also. Here's a link to a "who had a honda before?" post I made:
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