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It will Be at the White Marsh Mall Park-n-Ride at 12 noon on March 18th

It has been posted on:
subaru forums
bel air subaru club (my local club that alerted me to this)
rx7 forums

It also looks as if we will have some guys from the Charger/magnum forums. possibly corvette guys, viper guys, 350z guys, etc.....

Needless to say, this meet is gonna be ridiculous. Keep it marked in your schedules....

The park-n ride is directly off of I-95, so directions should be easy for just about everyone.... I'll get the exit #'s for those that are interested..... there will only be one turn after you leave the highway.....

Also, local Law enforcement has been/will be notified of the event so that there aren't any problems with the large # of cars (as long as there isn't much asshattery)
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