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This is the original Hydra ECU. I ran it for a few years before getting the itch to tinker with something else. (I put the hydra in after running a Tec 3)

I have all the documentation and pinout information you'd ever need to do a custom installation. It will work on any miata (maybe any car at all--I think they're all the same but you'll need to check with Hydra) with the right harness.

My harness is for a 2001 with some customizations, but I can walk you through setting it up or, if you want, I can return it to its original condition with a little time (small deposit up front if you want me to do this, goes toward purchase price obviously).

Kit includes:
* Hydra 2.17 ECU
* Hydra-to-2001 Mazda harness
* Hydra L1H1 wideband
* 100% of the unlock passwords for the ECU
* comprehensive pinout information spreadsheet (which you wont find anywhere else and probably cant easily get from Hydra themselves)
* A little help from me setting it up
* GM boost control solenoid and pigtail
* the original box for some reason.
* Alternator control circuit if you want (I can pre-wire this)
* FM mounting bracket--never used it.
* Custom harness implementation for 2001 / revert to PNP ($100 deposit)

Note: Jeremy at FM tells me he can get you any harness you want plus a basemap for other years. He also says Hydra has an upgrade path to go from 2.1 to 2.5 or 2.6, so keep that in mind. I probably would have upgraded if I didn't buy something else before the upgrade path was announced. I also know of one guy with a 99-00 harness if you choose to go that route. Another option is to simply wire it into your existing harness or find an OEM harness and wire it to that.

The unit works fine as-is though and helped me dyno over 250 rwhp at 9.5psi and for tens of thousands of miles. It even reliably got me cross country in four days without any issues.

Please help a brother get married and still be able to buy car parts.
Check around and if you need references for who I am.

$930 shipped/paypal price.

will consider offers.

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