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Re: I finally started....

you guys can't see the picture? Photobucket sux.... I'll use somthing else...

yep my motor's gone... cracked cylinder liner... I bought a fresh re-built motor to put in it(it was alot cheaper) Motor's gunna stay stock for now...but I have big plans later!

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oh cool, the pics are showing now! =D>

Chris, Im scared to think of what you are going to bust out with next!! :shock: Even in pieces the car is sweet............... ugh....... i need to get my car up to speed. Last week was Golden week so most of the JDM tuners were closed, so no parts order for me ........... but they should all be back open for business now! :twisted:

PhatMiata-san (^_^)

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I think Japanese holidays finished on the 7th Phat ...

I am seriously considering getting the wide tuckin99 flares for my car and saving up over the summer for the wheels to fill them :roll:

... watanabe's of course :wink:
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