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Damn... I didn't read the whole thing. I'm a dork this morning. Anyway, I typed all this crap below, so read away. When you are done post hot girl avatars in response.

I recently had a transaction with another member here that supposedly went south. However, I had my ducks in a row.

I covered the fees and some of the shipping to Niagra Falls (one of our NOTB members). I provided tue shipping company I used a sturdy box with enough room for padding. I had the box weighed and insured at my expense.

He had 30 days to make a claim with UPS but unfortunately did not make it to Niagra Falls for pick up within that window. I got a PM saying the box was partially open and only half of what I sold him was inside.

I take a lot of pride and feel a great deal of obligation in making sure anyone I sell an item to gets exactly what they expect to get. When I buy, I generally just add 6% to the cost because I'm a nice guy and just chalk it up to taxes. I can afford it and I know not everyone can. Sometimes on a large purchase I will ask to split it, but I never gift (unless I'm gifting).

I was feeling like my scruples were being questioned and so did homework from my end to help resolve this.

I discovered that the shipped weight of the items leaving TX and arriving in Niagara Falls was exactly what it should have been for both sets of items. That means what I shipped was received. What happened to it when it sat in the receiving facility in NF is beyond my control, but I still contacted the shipping company and made a sub claim on the buyers behalf.

it finally came down to him being so tardy with the pick-up which negated any claim he could have made. I feel for the guy, but I did everything possible for him. And because he was so tardy, I couldn't collect anything from a claim to reimburse him as it voided my claim rights as well.

My point is that the seller can help here, and should if he has any scruples. I also believe he owes the buyer some money; he failed to pack these appropriately and opened them up to damage and loss by failing to do so.

Sure, the OP shouldn't have gifted, but it is hard to beat someone for being a thoughtful person.

The seller should have one helluva black mark against them for this. Shitty human to sell something for so much and be so careless with some else's property.

Buyer, you can now claim a charitible gift of $800 on your taxes, which may pay for itself. No kidding.
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