i guess its time to introduce myself

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hi all,
ive been lurking around for a while now, i will say this site is awsome! i love everybody's taste of jdm styling that i have noticed isntso popular on a lot of other forums :roll: .

i come from the world of VWs, i have a pretty heavily modded corrado g60 that most of the money goes to. i had wanted a miata for about a year now. it is very hard to find a miata in good condition and a good price where i am from, but one day finally my friend suprised me and left a nice 1990 silver miata with a hardtop in my garage one night. it was a great suprise.

i drove the car for about a month, i am the type of person who needs to mod whatever they drive- so a month later i had tein ss coilovers, a racing beat rear subframe brace, yellow laminxed healights, pivot lazy eye controller, and the corrado was nice enough to donate a spare set of wheels with falken azenises.

i will say i love this car and it will easily pwn the corrado is any tight corner. anyways,,, here are the pics:

and just so the corrado doesnt feel left out(please ignore the unpainted fenders and bumper. its cause the sheetmetal is widened for wider wheels)

thanks for looking.
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Hi and welcome to the club.

I changed your BMP images to links because the forum software won't allow image tags for them.

In the future, try and use JPGS or GIFs.

Don't forget to check out the Garage section and upload info and mods of your car and also upload pics to your Personal Gallery.
Nice G60. Should look evil when complete. I also like the E36 M3 with AC Schnitzer rear spoiler in your garage photo. Welcome to the Club (Roadster).
From one dubber to another - welcome. I am an ex-VW owner myself - with a 1982 Scirocco that I dearly miss....and alwways wanted to start a new project with a VR6 corrado or a MK1 Scirocco. I have a 2005 Passat now (wife's car), but nothing to brag about.

Welcome to the group!
COol. Welcome :)
thanks for the comments-

freedomgli- the m3 isnt mine, it belongs to a friend that i live with. that car is the top autoxer in our area and very competitive regionally. i think if you look closely you will see a twin turbo bmw in one of the grage pics as well :twisted:

the blue potato- i will still always be a dubber, lol. i have a friend who is also wanting to start a rocco vr6 project- very cool :D
Yay Corrado! One day I really want to build a twin turbo all wheel drive Corrado SLC. I Used to have a 1.8t GTI and spent a few years on the Vortex before I got my Miata. Welcome!
welcome to the forum. so your friend bought you a miata? does he want anymore friends? :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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