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Hi! Names Dylan. Nice to meet you too. lol

I have a 1990 Miata. I live in Hamilton/Stoney Creek Ontario CANADA.
Shes from texas, though.

This is what I know im looking at to budjet boost my miata. Its a 1.6L B6, most obv.

SSAUTOCRAP manifold with home made bracing(voila:
DSM TD05H turbo
Custom Downpipe
BOV, Get a recirc. type correct?
Charge Piping

Now, can I use N/A RX7 FC Injectors. I have some! Will they work?

What should i do in regards to fuel/spark management ect.

Im on a tight budget, as im buying a crap load of stuff already ($3000)

What are my options. Links on "how tos" and links for products would be greatly appriated

Im selling my Turbo'd D16A6 RHD civic. Ill post up pics later, if anyone wants to see. Its a show car. Its no rice bag. Just want some more money to play with with my new purchase. hehe.

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your best bet for information about boosting your miata would come from everyone there is SUPER knowledgeable. heres a link to one of the guys FAQ's for anything you need to know about boosting your miata.

try reading everything before you asking questions in the greddy chat. over on Scott's(Braineack) guide pretty much answers most of your questions if you just read through it.

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