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Hey guys, I saw there was a post about me in the "whos roadster is that?" section so I figured I should join. Im 18 years old and have owned my miata for almost 3 years now. I started with an italian roadster, 1984 alfa romeo spider that was an ex race car/street car. After that was an s13, and then an S5 FC. The miata got all of the goodies tho. Ive been drifting for 3 years now, and just started to get more into the professional aspect of drifting in the last year. I picked up ROTA wheels, VMotion Video Magazine and FDiesel as sponsors for last season (06). and started going to pro and pro am events.

Car is most likely getting a full make over for next season but here is the specs as of now.

-Refreshed JDM 1.6L with 45k (stock auto block and head)
-Custom Garrett t3/t4 turbo with turbonetics exhaust housing Very similar to the GT3071R but a t3 foot print
-Megan Racing manifold Modded for external wastegate and t3 flange
-TiAL 38mm wastegate w/atmospheric dump
-Custom 2.5 inch DP
-Custom 3 inch driver exit with 5 inch diesel dump
-Billit design intercooler with custom piping
-SARD bov
-Rx7 AFM
-Greddy Emanage blue
-780cc injectors
-walbro 255
-peirburg inline
-mazdaspeed oil cap
-ISC racing Aluminum Radiator
-Oil Filter relocation Kit
-Blitz oil cooler
-ACT Xtreme clutch with Xtreme pressure plate
-lightened Flywheel
-97 rear subframe
-97 Torsen with ATS DEFTFORCE 2WAY
-97 driveshafts
-97 halfshafts
-1.8 Brake upgrade
-COBALT race pads
-Fresh front wheel bearings

-Tein HE, revalved and built, 12/10 spring rate
-Jackson racing solid bars
-Custom Heim jointed sway bar endlinks
-Poly sway bar bushings
-Spec miata rear chassis braces
-Heavily Modified steering angle
-Mazda comp diff bushings

-Sparco Bucket
-NRG 4 pt harness
-SCCA legal Spec miata roll CAGE
-HKS boost gauge
-Apexi EGT gauge
-Nardi Classic wheel with cruise control horn button (SUPER JDM) lol
-Personal hub adaptor
-HKS turbo timer
-M edition shift knob
-Suicide knob

17x7.5 +30 ROTA D2's / KUMHO MX 215-40-17
17x8.5 +30 ROTA D2's

-eBAY! Garage Vary style kit
-Head lights in signals
-5 inch polished exh dump
-JDM tyte drift damage

320 Whp 305 lbft torque on most recent pump gas tune
28 mpg highway 22 mpg street, 2mpg track

In transport mode, needed the bandit for this one

used to be gold


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I think you car is ugly!
I mean it looks like you can drive, but the colors are ugly and that tail pipe looks like a some ugly **** of a big dump truck.
Is that body kit a knock off or what?

I also heard you are kinda gay. Like not all the way, but have alot of gay tendencies.

Glad you joined here. maybe you will get some good car fashion advice..

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I am na and not scared of either!!!!!!!

We will all meet up sometime!!

We are all in the worse locations to meet up. CA, IL, PA doesnt get more spread than that. SOunds like a meet up would be in Rob's hometown...

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boys either make this thread positive, or Im going to pm you. Im going to pm you so hard your eyes are gonna pop out. Im gonna pm you SO DEEP, your gonna have heart problems... Im gonna PM YOU SO WIDE, you gonna think your sitting on a traffic cone!

fair warning gentlemen, dont make me come back there.

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nice rob, if i recken you were supposed to come to houston for Formula D in feb. but you chickened out... I think its the opposite, you are afraid of me.

Haha, welcome to the forum. You car and skills are SICK. Those Roadsterdrift guys are just jealous because I keep telling them they need ghay paintjobs in order to get sponsored :p

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honda dude, I would get sick paint/graphics/colors but its still my daily and I am in Socal. the law dogs would just pull me over daily. I am too old and too non carb for that **** right now.

Rusman, that is a poor attitude. Come to win. We will be!!
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