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i think some of the guys did a group buy on the low offset wheels on here threw GoodWin Racing
Yeh I saw that and I just missed out on it as I was between jobs at the time :(

I was just wondering if there were any interior shots of the car and any better general specs at all?

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M2 Steering wheel
M2 Gauge Cluster
M2 Radio Surround
M2 Shift Knob
M2 Parking Brake Handle
M2 Centerless tranny cover
Your Sports Stainless Steel Rollbar
Zoom Side winkers
I-Styling Front Lip Spoiler
I-Styling Rear Lip Spoiler
KGWorks Vintage nose badge
Wheels are Enkei RP-F1 Type-R 7J-14 +19.5
Tein Flex Coilovers

What book did you scan that from, i might be able to make out more if i have the book and page number.

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