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I am ending the longest relationship I've had in my life. She was my bottom bitch, and I kept her around the most. I got aroused every day I came outside to see her waiting for me, black, petite, and topless. Sadly, she is almost legal, and I only go for jailbait. After three glorious years, I am selling my miata.

So, its a 95 miata, 5 speed, black, power windows, mirrors, cruise control, cloth seats, ~95k miles. Car is daily driven so mileage won't go down. Drivetrain is bone stock. Didnt do anything under the hood other than oil changes and air filter.

Stuff I did change:
-Stance GR+ coilovers(stock 8/6k springs)
-RB hollow front sway bar(1 1/8")
-Shorty antenna
-OMP Corsica 330mm wheel-suede
-Passport 8500 hardwired, clipped to visor
-Recently did the brakes all around, with performance pads in the front(forgot the brand, i think performance friction or hawk). They dust a bunch, but stop great and don't make noise.

Things you won't like:
-Has some body rust starting up on the rear fenders(shown in pics)
-Has 17 years worth of dings and scratches
-Paint is decent

Was going to part it out, but figured I'd post it up here first as is. Plus I doubt anybody here wants a stock suspension miata. I have all the stock parts still, so if you wanna buy the car without something I'll adjust the price accordingly. Asking $4000USD obo. Email is futbolistapl(at)


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