im moving, house/ garage sale.

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i start work at Performance friction on 1/20/2012 in an effort to move less stuff i'm selling things!!
all prices are obo i'm not firm what so ever but try not to make me feel like a $2 hooker.
if you think your lowballing let me know why your low balling and i'll probly sell it to you. local pickup is preferred and shipping will cost you an arm and a leg. i got stuff but not allot of time. i am located in the Chicago suburb of woodstock.

example of what to end me if your being cheap: "i'm being cheap because i'm a poor high school student."
garage stuff

4 kumos!! 195/50r15 2 good enough for street 75%, 2 kinda used for drifting.

kumo asxsapsfj's 3 of them. 275/40r17
rule your local auto x with an iron fist!!

random speakers
2 6" alpines, 2 RF 5x6, 2 mazda 6x9

jl audio 250/1 200 bucks

1 10" jl w3 $75

cat that bites $20
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how much for 195 50 shipped to 33172 ...whats the condition
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