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So I got tommorow and monday off and I can't think of anything better to do then to work on my car,haha.

I'm going to be doing an oil change, rotate tires, replace pinched CAS o-ring, check plugs, install Hawk pads and bleed brakes, rip the rest of my interior out, make a trip to Dave Turner Motorsports to exchange my defected quick-release, a make a trip to C2 Motorsports to pick up my RB Hollows and Spec Miata air intake.

If anyone is interested in stopping by to hang out or need help with anything, hit me up at 760-801-5649. I have just basic tools, so if you need to do anything fancy, call me first. I live in North Park but I will be at my sister's apt cause I don't have space at my pad.

I'll be up at 10am. Peace.
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