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I ordered a soft top from ebay, planning on installing it tomorrow. I've never installed a soft top before, and from what I've read online, its a pain in the ass

From what I read, the soft top should come with rivets, and other misc parts, however mine only came with the soft top, nothing else, no instructions, no screws, no cables. I should also say I'm going to reuse my rain rail as well.

Anyway my question is, What will I need to do the installation? I already have a mechanics tool set, and I'm going to go buy a pry tool tomorrow. Will I need to buy rivets or any other misc parts?

Can anybody who has done the soft top swap give me some tips?

And if anybody in Los Angeles who has installed a soft top before wants to help me I can offer $75 just so that I don't get stuck and frustrated. PM me if you can. Thanks
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