Integrated Performance & Dori2Garage Grand Opening

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Integrated Performance & Dori2Garage Grand Opening Will Take Place On Nov. 18. The Starting time has been changed so it won't be a day event but a night event. It will start at 6:00 Pm and it will end until everybody decides to leave. The address will be the One below on my signature. If there Are any Retailers that might want to come let me know and I'll check with the full management. Send me an email: [email protected]
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oh this sounds interesting..

I know Adam i think i'll drop by.
Hmmm, maybe I will show up for this one too. I want to meet the future Miata drifter team..

I'll be there since I lice so close, lol.
Thanks to all you guys that showed up on Sat. Sorry I wasn't there when you showed up. I had to go a family emergency (you know they show up when you expect it). Well you guys can come and kick it when ever you feel like it and well we hope to see you soon. Have a Great Day.
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