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Wow! I never imagined in my whole life that I'd be able to post in this thread
Orange Devil Princess @140.9whp
AE111 ST ITBs with T3 manifold
Webber Velocity Stacks: 102mm long, 50mm diameter at mouth,
45mm diameter at mounting flange, 66mm bell flare
420cc RX8 Injectors
TODA 256/9.0mm in/ex Cams
TODA flywheel
Some porting and polishing of head
Stock Pistons
Very old Diff.... (early model differential which looks really odd)
4-2-1 headers 2.5 pipes
Fujitsubo Giken Muffler


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Video of my NB running free laps on Lime Rock's go kart track. It was cold so the beginning was warming up, followed by some serious laps, and some hoonage after 3:30, then back to some more serious laps.

161 - 170 of 170 Posts