Is there anything wrong with this?

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Thread got deleted due to nws material.

Here's a better one, posted up by clshrckr!
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IMHO, yes. I'm really not one to provoke people for my own amusement. I tend to really resent it when people do it to me.

Sorry, it's not the answer you wanted, but you asked. It's not behavior that I'll stand for here.
wheres kyle? Im sure he would be very interested in some more info on that hardtop vent.
I thought you were kidding and playing dumb, but then the Ebay listing shows you really ordered one.

I guess you weren't 'playing' dumb after all....
Bahahaha, that's the reason I came to this forum in the first place. has too many people that look down on anything but stock... seems they can't cut loose and have fun :)
nah nothings wrong with that

but is anything wrong with this?

maybe nws
read the Q+A lol
Wait the all black girl outline sticker was "nws" but we can post up naked men? :?
^^^ yea lol i think the all black sticker is more work suitable then the naked dude

maybe its because she has nipples
EBAY REMOVED IT!!! Man, did anybody save that one? (The PS3 ad)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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