ISC tophat questions.

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Okay, so I have ricelands and 2" ISC tophats, a friend brought it to my attention that I need new bumpstops apparantly if I want more spring travel?

I bought theses so I could lower my car to around moderatly slammed height, and still remain some spring travel so when I track my car it dosnt handle like crap. So I am wondering if I just throw the tophats on as of now, is it just compressing my sprigns more which would be counter productive? Or what?

Sorry for the noobness, but I am willing to learn, I dont understand the tophats completely so all the info is appreciated and I couldnt find anything with info that helped.
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In all honesty if I were to lower my car right now it would ride better. It's very jarring when I run out of droop. The suspension slams downward, it's quite alarming.
So why dont you lower your ride height and make it functional again? :?
^ sounds like a good enough reason. did you unwittingly fit your suspendo with isc hats?
I figure im just going to wait it out until I want to upgrade.
i've heard the isc's have a terrible ride compared to shaikh's fcm mounts, you might want to go with that setup, they use the nb shock mounts so i think it raises the shock mount about a half inch up from the NA mounts.
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