ISC tophat questions.

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Okay, so I have ricelands and 2" ISC tophats, a friend brought it to my attention that I need new bumpstops apparantly if I want more spring travel?

I bought theses so I could lower my car to around moderatly slammed height, and still remain some spring travel so when I track my car it dosnt handle like crap. So I am wondering if I just throw the tophats on as of now, is it just compressing my sprigns more which would be counter productive? Or what?

Sorry for the noobness, but I am willing to learn, I dont understand the tophats completely so all the info is appreciated and I couldnt find anything with info that helped.
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I say run them without bumpstops.
I'm running those top hats with my Megan Streets with no bumpstops with no issues, granted my car isn't slammed.

You very likely could. I wouldn't be surprised if he was able to stuff a tire into the top of the wheel well or have the rear upper arm collide with the subframe like Greentee has shown us before ever touching the bumpstops. In that case it might be better to experiment with different sizes.
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