ISC tophat questions.

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Okay, so I have ricelands and 2" ISC tophats, a friend brought it to my attention that I need new bumpstops apparantly if I want more spring travel?

I bought theses so I could lower my car to around moderatly slammed height, and still remain some spring travel so when I track my car it dosnt handle like crap. So I am wondering if I just throw the tophats on as of now, is it just compressing my sprigns more which would be counter productive? Or what?

Sorry for the noobness, but I am willing to learn, I dont understand the tophats completely so all the info is appreciated and I couldnt find anything with info that helped.
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Holy bananas thats beyond me, I read majority of it untill he got super technical and I just cant understand it haha. So is he against tophats? From what I gathered it sounded like he was saying the only thing they are good for is to go lower.
Good info here.
Chris: Instead of reading all the arguing and throwing out of numbers, just read braineack's posts and pictures. They explain it all.

I'll be moving my ISC tophats from my 97 to my MSM once it weather clears up here. Think I'm just going to do 1.5'' in the rear and 1'' in the front, and once I have everything put together and driving, I'll see if I still have space up front to go higher tophats without hitting frame.
If you are slammed go for it, if not DO NOT get them. I have them and am not slammed. Every bit it extends upwards it pulls out of your droop. My tires now lose contact over bumps. It's flat out dangerous. If you are slammed you can regain the stroke you lost. If not you are doing more harm than good. Heck my RUCAs even make contact with the subframe from time to time.

Measure your coilovers stroke, measure your actual bump travel, then determine if they will be of any benefit. The only thing certain is you will lose droop. Whether you coilover/shock has enough stroke that it's okay is dependent on the length of your stroke.
We are both lowered (me quite a bit). Nothing to worry about except for me possibly hitting frame which is why I'm only going 1'' on the front to start with
Yeah at your ride height you'll see nothing but good things.

In all honesty if I were to lower my car right now it would ride better. It's very jarring when I run out of droop. The suspension slams downward, it's quite alarming.
My racelands were always like that even when I was slammed (with the tophats). I think it was because I didn't take out the helper springs so the coils were just so compressed with some soft ass shocks that it made going over any little bump or uneven piece of payment feel like I was riding off of a curb

but either way, I never drive my NA anymore so no use of spending the money for new tophats when I can just switch them over. I already know the difference it will make on my MSM, because at mod slammed height it handled fucking awesome but just dropping the springs down 1'' in threads and I feel it riding on the shock a lot more now
In all honesty if I were to lower my car right now it would ride better. It's very jarring when I run out of droop. The suspension slams downward, it's quite alarming.
So why dont you lower your ride height and make it functional again? :?
Because then I'll be entering in the low mod slammed/slammed thread territory. It might ride smoother if I lower it, but then I will have a whole new problem. I don't want to destroy the underside of my car, and I regularly have to drive over large speed bumps. I would have to park off campus if I got any lower. Not worth it, and I don't care if my car looks dope. I'd rather be able to drive it and not destroy it.
^ sounds like a good enough reason. did you unwittingly fit your suspendo with isc hats?
Picked up the basics with the tophats already fitted. I've been riding around with them for awhile now. Didn't realize what was happening until my car was sitting on jackstands for awhile. I wish I hadnt thrown out my old crap, oh well. I figure im just going to wait it out until I want to upgrade. I sell them to someone who wants to drag frame, they'd be perfect.
I figure im just going to wait it out until I want to upgrade.
i've heard the isc's have a terrible ride compared to shaikh's fcm mounts, you might want to go with that setup, they use the nb shock mounts so i think it raises the shock mount about a half inch up from the NA mounts.
I am 11" hub to fender and over bumps my car feels absolutely amazing, I took out my helper springs aswell, it makes my front scare the hell out of me (NA tophats) because I never realized how shitty the coils are at lower ride heights. I have nothing to say but good things about these so far, But I live in PA so have snow tires on and havnt had a track day on them, clearly ha so cant fully test for these but as of now I say they are a must have.
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