Edited 1 April 2023: I found the Garage Vary hood that I was looking for! However, I'm still looking for an RS Aizawa hood, if anybody ever has one they're parting with, so keep me in mind! I'll update this post if I ever find one or decide I no longer want the hood :)

I'm doing a deep dive on this, and hoping someone has one of these two hoods unmolested for sale. By this, I mean without any holes cut or drilled (no aftermarket hood pins/latches). I have attached some photos of these hoods below, for those who are curious.

I'm located in Olympia Washington but willing to travel, or pay shipping if you're on the other side of the country lol.

OR if anybody has a source who can import one of these hoods, assuming they're obtainable - as far as I'm aware, neither of these hoods are currently in production anymore.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Vehicle Car Grille Automotive side marker light Automotive lighting


Leave a comment, send me a message, or hit me up on instagram if you have one available! My IG is @minimiata