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In preparation for my IRTB installation coming up soon, I worked on my car this weekend and will be working on it all week as time permits doing the following:

Racing Beat Power Pulse Muffler
Racing Beat Mid pipe w/pre-silencer

Fuji Racing lightened flywheel (7.2 lb vs. 18 lb stock!)
Front and rear transmission seals
Transmission gasket
Release bearing
Pilot bearing
Clutch fork dust boot
Upper and lower shift boots

Rear main seal
Cam cover gasket
CAS O-ring
Timing belt
Cam seals
Crank seal
Tensioner Spring
Heater hoses to firewall
Coolant hoses
Little coolant nipple at back of engine
Stainless steel braided clutch line
Mazdaspeed Motor mounts

Tuck some wires
Redo some old wiring loom, etc.

Here are a couple pics of the work I did this weekend.


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Everything is so clean. VEERRY NIICCEE!
HAHA! You haven't seen clean yet! Although I DID wash the car and dry it before I started work. I have to work on a clean car.

The only thing I have done so far is soak the hell out of the inside and outside of the transmission with brake parts cleaner and wash it off.

I'm not nearly done! Just ask Randy!

The floor jack is from Harbor Freight, as is the engine stand.

Floor jack: $79
Engine stand: $30 on sale
Doing all of this work OUTSIDE the engine bay: PRICELESS!!

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Re: It has begun....

Tim - NICE!!!!! While you are at it - send your injectors off to PR Motorsports and have the balanced, cleaned and flow tested. Make sure to also replace your plugs and wires as well.

When is the install???
I asked Jimmy about the injectors and while he did recommend it, he said that I could wait until I got a spare set to send off. His are the original!

Plugs and wires are fairly new.

As you can see, I am in preparation mode for the install, which should be a couple weekends from now. I still have to order the kit. All this is costing $$$$!

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are you putting a 1.6 in? What ecu are you going to run?
I already have a 1.6, which is the one on the engine stand in the pics.

I'm starting off with the piggy back computer that comes with the FR kit. I will start saving for the AEM and get that later.

Because of all the work I am doing on the engine and tranny, I decided to take it out of the car to make all the work easier....for me at least. I've done abuot 5 engine swaps/installs, so it wasn't a big deal to remove the engine/tranny as one.

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Re: It has begun....


This long weekend allowed me to work on the engine some more.

I thoroughly cleaned the engine after having removed all the accessories and such.

Rubbing my fingers on the block after cleaning resulted in no dirt whatsoever.

Yeah, I'm sick...I know.

Today I changed the cam seals, crank seal, and timing belt, put a new oil filter on, and re-assembled the front of the engine. I took my sweet time and cleaned EVERYTHING as I went - even the bolts! HAHA!

Upon stopping for the evening, I had re-installed the alternator bracket and alternator, driver's side motor mount assembly (with MS motor mount), and water pump pulley, along with the associated belt.

Tomorrow after work, I am going to clean and install the starter and passenger side motor mount, clean and install the valve cover (with new gasket), install rear main seal, flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate.

More updates later, but here's some videos from today.

Sorry for the large filesize - you may wanna right-click and Save As:
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