Jadiem is here ;o)

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hey everyone!!

im Jadie and i just moved from Richmond, VA to Atlanta, GA. Im an avid driver and I do some modeling as well as umbrella girl work and Im a cosmetology student (somewhat on a vacation... heh). i have an obsession with gold wheels.

currently i have a 99 miata...
Cusco Lower Front Arm Bar, RacingBeat Rear Sway Bar, RacingBeat F+R Endlinks, Harddog SCCA Spec Rollbar, MS Front Strut Bar, Tein STech, oldoldoldschool gold 14x6.5 Enkei Meshies on Falken Ziex tires, factory Nardi Torino Steering Wheel --

coming up: MP62 Supercharger, either sportmax racing 02 15x8's in gold or advan super advans gen 2 in gold, HKS coilovers or D2 coilovers, Cusco LSD, a new custom paint job, garage vary lip, tuckin99 fender flares, and a bunch of other stuff or whatevs.

as of recently... my little tin can.

im tough... yarrr!~

heres some drift action...

and the worlds best dog... he contributes to my black and white interior ;o)
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Konnichiwa!!! my JDM sista!! im so glad you found us!!! we have the JDM drifting princess in da HOUUZSE~~~~~ :twisted:

damn your car looks awesome in the picture, very professional, i need to get some pics like that!!

in the house!! woOoO!!~ haha~ thanks for the nice welcome. youre always too friendly ;o)
hotness!!! definitely nice in black!!...oh and the cars nice too =)
Hey your dog has a cataract :shock:

Welcome welcome!
Will you marry me? J/K welcome nice to see some chicks on here, for a minute I thought this was sausage fest.
Hey your dog has a cataract :shock:

Welcome welcome!

LOL! I was just gonna say that...hahahaha

Welcome Jadie!
thanks everyone for the nice welcome!! anyone from the east coast going to be at road atlanta this weekend!? ill be there saturday afternoonish... ;o) oh and i think thats just the way the pic was taken his eyes are fine. haha~
The Tater will be there at the Grassroots Tent. Swing by and say hi.

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