Japanese Roadster book

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I received this book in the pouch with all of the service documents that came with my R-Limited when it was imported and I wondered if anyone here know of it and/or could give me a better idea of what it is :)
My Japanese isn't good enough to read any of it really, I got that the word after the first Kanji was Roodosutaa (Roadster) but that's about my limit at the moment.
It appears to be a story book about a someone and their roadster, telling of their adventures together. I can guess that much from the pictures :)

(click on the pictures for larger images)

I also took a picture of a random page inside to give you an idea of what's inside.

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it's the very personal story and his drawing.
Days of young Japanese guy with his Roadster. Very sentimental. Love, friends, family , job, or so on.

I met him at Roadster event and bought his book with his sign. Actually, he is drawer.
Your book is his second Roadster book. He was going to lose his vision by ill, but he was recovered and finished his 2nd book.

I recommend to get his 1st book too:)

Here is author's web site;

Akira Kawamura

His 1st "Roadster story" (the book's title) ;

You can see how like Japanese scene is in mid 60's. He love old Japanese street and Roadster suits it very much:)

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Nakamura-san, how can we get his books, are they available on Amazon.Japan? I searched but cannot find?

Randy-san (^_^)
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