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A lot of you know that I have been brainstorming about a Miata Project. The idea is to take the drivetrain, suspension, and other parts from my Miata, build a frame for them to bolt into and then slip on a 50's inspired body.

I ordered a body from England similar to what I had in mind. It arrived in New Jersey on Friday. It should clear customs shortly and then be trucked to my shop in upstate NY.

In the mean time I have been working with a gentleman to do some photoshop prospectives of the look that I am going for. The attached photos are to scale for the Miata width and wheelbase. I am sure that there will be some changes to the final body. But these should be pretty close.

I thing that I have a good idea for the frame design. I have ordered materials. As soon as the body is here I can really start. I will post pictures as I go. Having fun, John

I am starting to think of names for the car. Any suggestions?

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