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Yes 4-100 mkii sounds so good, I'd be willing to trade a pair of my 4-100 mkiii if sizing is similar

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Or just sell them to me haha!

Nice progress Joel! Can't wait for sound video of exhaust, I'm really tempted to pick up a 3 piece CMC unit in the near future.
Thanks man, will definitely have a sound clip up once I actually get around to finishing it

Dang, that's the exact wheel I've been looking for. Guess there's little point in trying to buy it off of you then. I found the same wheel on ebay a while ago but someone also bought that one before I could get my hands on it.
I would have a good look on upgrade/croooober because they have a whole lot of second hand wheels for great prices in smaller sizes.


So Hoshinos are gone, yesterday was my last day with them and it was sort of bitter sweet since I spent so much and waited so long for the rear pair to be made up and in the end I end up trading them

Here they are in the back of my daily. Goodbye

This is what I traded them for

Heroes Racing I Speed
15x6j +38

Unfortunately the dopey previous owner sprayed them black and covered the awesome factory white paint AND the painted on writing around the wheel. They are also without center caps so that sucks but they are a true aero/directional wheel with a left and right side to feed cool air in and hot air out of the back of the wheel.


That was just a lame joke, I actually bought those for 100nzd and want to keep them for the daily.
What i ACTUALLY traded the Hoshinos for are these

14x7.5j +6
14x8j -12

With this that means that my adapters are no more and I'm going back to the factory stud pattern which is ideal for me because I have been wanting wider wheels in the back. The current plan is to run the 8j wheels in the front and then widen the rears to 9j -13 or 9.5j -19 I have yet to decide but that should be happening sometime next month when Pine Engineering gets their stock in.

Mock up of the 8j -12 on the front


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Those Hoshinos were nice. I have a pair that I bought with the intention of making a set, but was having trouble picturing them on the car. Nice to see someone else has done it.

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No update in a while, my MK IIs came back from Pine Engineering and as usual they did a fantastic job but when fitted to my car I wasn't convinced. It was too wide and with the 14kg springs and 60mm from sil ride height it just wasn't enjoyable at all anymore.

Ontop of that I finally cracked my TRAP lip quite badly and honestly I just wanted to sell up and move on to something else, I took off the TRAP lip, sold the MK IIs, removed things like my 300mm steering wheel and awkward gear knob and extension, replaced those with factory pieces, raised the ride height a little and put on a set of Daisys. It was all ready to sell and had it listed for two weeks all while driving it as a daily again.

During that time of dailying it again I realized that a number of modifications I had on limited what the roadster could really be. It was fun again, shifted well, rode fairly nicely, had a great soundtrack (thanks to the Corn*s exhaust) and best of all I didn't have to worry about smashing the TRAP lip, getting stuck, a tyre debeading and mainly cops hassling me.
So after two weeks of selling I decided I'm going to just make the car fun again by my own standards.


That above was about 3 months ago, fast forward to a month ago I purchased a new front bumper and more recently, two weeks ago I got my brand new wheels

It's a little surreal to actually have these as I've been through plenty of different wheels but none have ever been new or even close to mint, anyway, here is the unboxing of them

The boxes

Support timeless designs!

Free Watanabe goodie bag, had no idea this would be included

Inside was a set of Watanabe Falcon lug nuts, a small hand/sweat towel and stickers! Thank you Watanabe!

Finally the wheel brand new in box![/img

So up front we have 14x8j -6


Rear we have 14x9j -19

Obviously a pretty aggressive setup but actually not as outrageous as wheels before. Actually this will be my most tame of my last 3 sets so I was looking forward to running some wider tyres on these as past setups used a 165 wide tyre.

So up front we have a 185/55 Bridgestone RE01

Rear we have a 185/55 Bridgestone Playz.

Despite the amount of stretch, a 185 on a 9j has been proven to be fairly safe at regular tyre pressures but I keep mine at 40psi just to be safe


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Dem Wats! Y'all(you, louros, phung and every other Wats owner) are a bad influence on someone with a similar automobile affliction.

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Damn this this car is looking good !
Exact color as my 1.6 ... I'm in Japan and this is very similar to what I am going for , the Impul G5 on Miata from Google image took me here.

You are actually pulling the "Kysha" look off very well , I am a big fan of the style and have many bits and pieces.

The black Watanabe's + this car color combo is dope !!! I also have a similar front bumper cover ... may use it after seing your car but will be hunting this same one down ... Mine is the more common RB one.

Perhaps an external oil cooler next ?
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