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I wanted to take a moment a tell all my Supercharged partners in crime about another positive experience I have had with Jon Bond.

With my SSM car I carry a ton of spare parts to National Events. Complete Cyl head, 3 rear ends(1 other 4.30 and a 4.10 and 3.909 depending on course conditions), 6 axles, drive shaft and a few other parts. My thought has always been "when something breaks, buy two of them, put one on the car and the other in the trailer."

To that end, after a mishap with a supercharger at Spring Nationals last year I now carry a spare blower to all my National Races as well. Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess I guess. Well the blower that fragged on me at Spring Nationals last year was replaced with a used unit I had rebuilt by Jon Bond. That blower ran the rest of last season, through two dyno tuning sessions and through the first week of this season. When I was doing some between round maintenance on the car I noticed that the oil level in the Supercharger was low. Seeing no external leaks I knew there was only one place for that oil to be going so I pulled that blower and found a good bit of supercharger oil in the intake tract. No worries, I took the spare blower out of it's box, put it on the car and finished the event with no drama.

When we got home from South Georgia I boxed that blower up and sent it back to Jon Bond for him to rebuild so I could use it as a spare going forward. I was expecting to pay full freight for the rebuild since it had been well over a year since Jon had worked on it (his warranty is 6 months) and his warranty states that any parts used in a racing application and or is spun beyond the manufactures recommended limits will not be warrantied at all.

Fast Forward a week or so and I get a call from Jon. I was expecting him to give me a list of reasons why it was my fault and then hand me a bill of $700-$1,000. Instead he said that the oil leak was caused by a defective seal, and even though it was out of warranty and used for racing that he would take care of it. I told him that since he already had it apart to go ahead and do a full rebuild on it expecting to pay labor and shipping. Well he only charged me for parts not related to the seals AND he covered the shipping back to me.

Jon didn't have to do any of those things but his gesture has earned a greater level of loyalty from me and is also a great example of how having reasonable expectations and being polite to a vendor can make them going above and beyond for you.

Jon Bond Performance will get all my supercharger service business and I will give him an resounding endorsement and recommendation for anyone who is considering having a supercharger of any make or model serviced.
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