JR. builds a Miata (against his will)

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Hey everybody!

My name's JR., I'm from Canada, and I am building a track car against my will.

Well, not really-- but I really didn't mean for this to happen, I swear! Sure, I've always wanted to be that guy. You know the one I'm talking about-- that proud, slightly irritable fellow in the dirty coveralls, wrenching away in his driveway and spending his weekends at the track (note: this is pretty much how I picture you lot in my head-- quintessential car dudes). But until last weekend, that was all just a pipe dream. I never thought I'd try pulling it off. I used to attend track events locally with my Subaru: run a few laps and call it day. I realized pretty quickly that having your daily driver fill in for track duty was, though fun as hell, not really the most sensible (or practical) thing to do. So I let slip to a buddy at work (let’s call him Chris) a few weeks ago that I was in love with the idea of tracking a Miata. I should have known how this would end...

So I get a call from Chris last weekend. He says to me,

"JR., I've found this beat up Miata on Kijiji. It's nearby, and there's no list price. Wanna check it out?"

Needless to say, it was a trap. Chris was well aware of both my chronic inability to manage disposable income and my inexplicable desire drive recklessly around a racetrack in a Miata. There was nothing I could do.

So a few hours later, good judgement be damned, this glorious thing is sitting in my driveway:

So there it is. This is how it started. My name is JR.. I am building a track car against my will, and I'm absolutely thrilled about it.
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