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Ok gang, I need some help figuring out what this stuff is worth. It's a long story, but here's the short version.

- A few years back I purchased a JRSC from a member here, but when it arrived, the kit was very incomplete. No luck getting a refund and he told me that I got everything that came off of his car? No tensioner? A few brackets missing? Oh well, chalk it up to experience and hope that karma gets him.

- Fast forward to a few weeks ago. A friend tells me that he has most of the pieces of a JRSC, COOL. I go and see what he has and his is more complete than mine, but still missing a few pieces. He's a turbo guy, so we decided to package both kits and let someone get a great deal.

At this point nobody in the family has a Miata, so I'm just going to sell all of the bits and pieces of both kits and let the buyer source the couple pieces that are missing. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the parts are worth and figured that a forum of enthusiasts is a better place to gauge interest than dealing with eBay and its uneducated buyers.

Link to photos:

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