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i bought myself a birthday present this week: a jrsc with a BBK, only 9k on it.

i am attempting to pass smog this coming week before installing it. I talked to woolery about that and i think i'll be ok, just finished making the undershood area "look stock-ish"...gonna leave the Link in and try.

anyways, i hope to get the install underway in the next week or two. i bought a set of 550cc injectors, so when those arrive, i'll begin.

hoping for about 170-180 at the wheels. i think with the ported and worked head i already have, header, exhaust, and the link, i should be close. i'll have look into an intercooler, possibly moving to a civic radiator.

if anyone has good knowledge of the JRSC installation process and a bit of link tuning experience, i could sure use your help.
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