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-JRSC M45 for NB, includes everything shown in first pic as it was taken off my 99. JRSC M45, dummy TB, A2W intercooler, BRP tensioner with 2 new metal pulleys and a belt, all hardware, mounts, couplers, clamps. Makes 7psi with the intercooler, heat exchanger, pump(broken impeller but including to help source replacement), and hoses for the intercooler. New sc coupler and oil to service. $1300

-JR BTC with remote knob, this allows you to retard timing with the turn of the knob. $100

-Power Card for NB1, not sure what years exactly it works with but was on my 99. -SOLD-

-Cobalt strut tower brace for NA/NB. $120 -Also have JR header and full exhaust with dual tip muffler for NB, unfortunately the exhaust shop that replaced the clogged cat with a resonator for ummm(racing use) decided to cut the flanges and welded it all together. Still on car but will remove when weather clears up. A good exhaust shop could fix the header pretty easily, or can install as is with exhaust, just not sure if I will be able to remove header and mid pipe altogether without cutting it. If interested let me know and I can get some pics of damage.

In Gatesville, TX but can meet near DFW area, Killeen/Temble, Austin. Can ship if no local buyers; but altogether will be pretty heavy. Will work on price though and maybe include shipping.


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