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I thought I would create a place for members to leave some comments about JSCSpeed.

I made a radiator purchase through Mike and also took part in one of his group buys here on CR. Anyways without further delay I'll quickly cover my Mishimoto radiator purchase through JSC last year.

As many Miata owners are all too familiar with, I had a severe case of brown radiator syndrome on my 1993 Miata that sees primarily track use. The more I drove the car hard the scary it started to look. :eek: I was almost certain I was going to get stranded at Oregon Raceway Park one weekend when I started to white hairlines spreading from my radiator cap area. I knew it was time to address the cooling system.

Shopping around for radiators I considered the whole alotment but finally decided to see what a forum vendor could do as far as pricing. I was very pleased when I received my quote from Mike for the 2 row 90-97 Mishimoto aluminum radiator. (

The radiator arrived quickly and communication from Mike was excellent.

Although I haven't picked up the Mishimoto thin fans and shrouding I was easily able to remount my factory fan. Everything lined up perfectly and looked great after some cleaning. (you may have to do some trimming of oem fan shrouds to clear aftermarket swaybars)

Plopped in easy as could be after transferring over the oem fan hardware. No alignment issues or mounting problems what so ever.

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