Just bought '92 Miata in SoCa

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Hello. We are in Ventura, CA and are new to Miata's, cars, and discussion boards about cars. I've spent a few hours reading threads on this board. Everyone seems great and there is a lot of information here.

We just bought our first Miata from a craigslist ad. It's a '92 with 160K miles and we paid $2700. I have no idea if we got a great deal or not but we love the car. It has a new top, new clutch, new tires, and new brakes. We had a mechanic check it out and the only thing they found was that the battery was old so we replaced it. Cosmetically there are a few tiny paint chips and one tiny dent. That seems pretty good for a 20 year old car.

We bought the car just for fun. We both have our daily driver cars. We wanted something cute to drive up the Hwy 1 in SoCa with the top down. We chose a Miata because it's adorable and they seem to spend more time on the road than they do in a shop (unlike an MG).

We are thinking about buying wheels and other misc. things. The problem is that we don't agree on what would look good. For example, I would like some nice chrome rims while she thinks that black would be better because it would contrast with the white car. It would be great if I could find picture of a similar car, also white, so I could see what different things would look like.

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My white 90 has black wheels, check my sig or I can post better pics if you'd like! Welcome to the forum and we're neighbors! I'm up in SB. Thanks for introducing yourself (selves???)!

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