Just picked up my NC1

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I just picked up an 06 NC two and I wanted to say hi to everyone. I've been lurking for awhile but I waited until I got my NC to make a post. I had to drive 300 miles to pick up my NC but it was worth it. On the drive home the check engine light came on >< i figured it was because of the thermostat and I was right. I picked up a thermostat at my local Mazda before work the next day and installed it after work. I also ditched the stock sports suspension (it really is pretty bad) and put on a set of Tein Flex's that I had around (saving for the Ohlins). I haven't had a chance to put the car through it's paces yet but I hope to get the car out to Buttonwillow in the near future.

My new (to me) NC1:

A few of my previous cars:

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