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Start the weekend off early by joining us at Road Atlanta on Friday July 31. We are there the day before NASA-SE's weekend so if you want a 3 day track weekend, just join NASA for Sat/Sun.

Just Track It offers the following:
1. 3 run groups only
2 Green track from 8:30 - 12 and 1-5:30
3. 30 minute sessions
4. Lunch time touring laps for you, your friends and guests ($15)
5. Each driver will be scheduled for 6 sessions (3 hours of on track time)
6. Novice drivers get classroom training in addition
7. Novice Instructed drivers will get a Certified HPDE Instructor. All our Instructors have gone through a certification process and are there to help you develop your skills while learning the proper line around Road Atlanta
8. Passengers welcome for solo drivers
9. Convertibles welcome with approved roll over protection. Driver and passenger must be under the rollbar with helmets on
10. Professional photography will be available to catch you looking fast at this iconic circuit

Registration cost is $250 and is underway at

Come out and experience a Just Track It event.

Where else can you drive with us?

Roebling Road on July 11-12
NCM on Aug 7
AMP Aug 28
TGPR on Sept 19
AMS on Oct 31
Roebling Road on Nov 22-23
Road Atlanta on Dec 4
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