Kerscher Carmona Na Miata m00se help !

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I recently bought a set of Kerscher Carmona 16 inch for my na Miata When I bought them I looked them up and realized that there was only one person online who had uploaded pictures of those wheels on their Miata them being m00se so I sent my wheels out to get polish and painted with out ever test fitting them in the car assuming the would just fit because they were 4x100 after getting them back I realized they stock studs are not long enough in the actual bolt pattern hose are not big enough because they're meant for lug bolts and not lug nuts I know that the center is removable to change out the actual bolt pattern I believe that I might be able to get a center that's meant for lug nuts instead of lug bolts but I don't really understand the website cuz it's all in German and there's no pictures of the actual plates I tried reaching out to moose about what he did but the forum won't let me if anyone has any answers or can get me in touch with m00se my Instagram is @Young.salami No pictures of my car on IG so I left some below along with the wheels


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