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KINOD Photo Gallery
KINOD Stories


-Keep text replies to a minimum. The only text messages that should be put in here are the EPIC stories of KINOD adventures. If done properly, these stories will also act as a history, keeping KINOD moments alive for posterity.

-Keep the commentary on the posted stories to a minimum. A reader should be able to scroll through the pages of this topic and essentially see pics of KINOD events and read some good stories...and not have to filter through fluff.

-Post pics only of KINOD meets, people, and related activities (such as track days, tech days, parties, etc).

-Feel free to include any past photographs

Hopefully, this thread will end up being a good permanent gallery and history of KINOD. :slayer:

i was going through my hard drive last night looking for some pix0rs and noticed there were a few kinod meet photos that i didn't upload. i decided to upload them all and group them into a collection.
the first photos that i took were from 3/9/07 and its been on ever since. its nice to see what our cars used to look like back then and seeing who came to the KINOD meets as well (sorry for the gap in 2008, i wasn't present at the time)

KINOD Archive

these other links were from events/gatherings where KINOD/ ppl were present

Dai's Driving Academy 2009
Kraftwerks Open House
[email protected] Car Show 2010
Miatas @ Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 2010

it was fun going through these old photos and reminiscing. i hope you enjoy them also!

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More, but from DropTop... mostly the same awesome guys.
Film, the damned costco people messed up my negatives. -_-;

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