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Okay I know there are a million threads about this but...

I'm between the KYB's and the Koni's for dampers: How does the height adjustability work on the Koni shock?
I've used AGX's b4 on my Subaru and loved them.

I'm up in the air on springs, S-tech, racing beat, eibach... I want it to be pretty low obviously, I'll be doing rear upper shock mounts to get the travel. Not looking to pay too much right now, otherwise i'd go with an adjustable height spring like the Ground control.

Who reccomends what and why? I will be daily driving this car but I'm still young and I've driven fully stripped cars for months on end... a hard suspension isn't a problem.

An aggresive look would be desireable, but handling takes precedence of course.

Let me know what you think :D
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