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I'd go with the FM springs, since it seems to give the most drop and has higher spring rates compared to the Tein and RB.

(got this info from each company's site)
RB Drop: F/R .33/1.0in
Rate: F/R 30%/20% stiffer over stock

Tein Drop: F/R 1.14/.75in
Rate: F/R 230/170lbs/in

FM: Drop: F/R 13/13.25in center of wheel to fender lip
Rate: F/R 318/233lb/in

but if I had the money I'd get the ground control coil overs for my konis. Maybe someone with experience with these springs will chime in. The only springs i've experienced on a Miata are stock and OEM like spings (Koni won't reveal the actual spring rates) that came with my Koni shocks. :roll:
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