Learn to speak Engrish, or ELSE!!

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"ten ten... ten ten... ten ten... ten ten one"
BWAHAHAHA nice find! =D>

The Japanese Honour system in full effect :wink:

If you wanna speak JDM English (like on JDM websites) translate english text into Japanese and back again, and it's just like looking at the Zoom website..


"The japanese of complete effect independent management system: The [ma] going back and forth: If you think that we would like to speak, the English of JDM like the thing which looks at the web sight of the zoom lens in Japanese and the back section (like with the web sight of JDM) the English text, and is that, exactly. It translates for the second time. " :mrgreen: =D>
Engrish video make joy feeling!

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Anyone ever see that movie, "Drop Dead Gorgeous?" I love the scene where the mockumentary film crew is interviewing the adopted American daughter who's in the beauty pagent and the dad flips out at the genetic daughter for bitching in Japanese, "Speak Engrish!"
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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