Left Euro, Got My Miata, Never Felt So Right... East Bay, CA

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On Friday I did what all Euro drivers said they would never do...


Picked up a 90 Classic Red NA.

Before I make rookie mistakes and mindless moves, I'd like to go to the forums and get all the advice and direction I can get.

So lay it on me, I want to know what I should do, what i shouldn't do, awesome parts websites, parts not to use, looks, mods, forums, anything and everything.

I know I am going to slam, so coilover advice would be great.

I already know what wheels I want so no advice needed there.

I'm very interested in cleaning up my exterior, adding a nice lip, possibly a hard top.

This is where you can help a fellow Miata owner from making the same mistakes you made.

I appreciate everything and anything you guys have to offer!
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Welcome to the flipside...

You woulda got a better experience if you posted as a chick, or had your sister do it.. then show up to the meet and be like.. 'i thought you were a chick', then you'd say i am.. then we'd be like...:eek: .. ... "seems legit". :domo:

Seriously... i want the new Rota RKR. You should get em so i can see what they look like on a Red NA :mrgreen: ... I along with everybody else got some XXR/Sportmax's... so c'mon be a nickel instead of a penny! :phillyb:

Find out if yours is the longnose/shortnose crank. not a bad thing, but will help a keep a healthy caution on the key to the main pulley. They changed the crank in mid 91.

Suspension - very opinionated, your best using your butt dyno, or showing up to a meet and get a ride. And it's very true on you get what you pay for... unless you got business connections, or some FF Jonny Tran skills.. ... i hear some Sr20's will fetch a pretty penny at race wars...
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