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someone needs to make another site then

step 1: remove AC/PS
step 2: remove all carpet
step 3: CF hardtop with lexan rear window
step 4: 14" RPF1
step 5: aluminum shock bodied coilovers (Stance AL+ for example)
step 6: flush-mount headlights

feel free to add on. We're going for the lightest possible weight. Not practicality.

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I'll add to this .

Remove wiring for the following :


headlight retractor motors





Hvac control

Door ajar buzzer

Ebrake light

after you've done this , relocate wiring to the passenger side . You'll lose mote weight by shortening wires( few will need to be extended)

Go keyless , use a push start button

wire your headlights and turn signals to a toggle switch .

Remove door windows

replace triagle door winos with lexan

Remove undercoating

gut trunk ,remove hinges and use pins

remove bumper supports , trim rear bumper

cut dash in half( or remove)

I'll add more later

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hood is already pretty light. apparently it's only 1lb or so.

not sure about trunk skeleton.
"7.5lbs weight reduction" according to the site

Here's his list of stuff removed and weights:
44.00 replaced 16" chrome rims and tires with factory alloys
38.00 A/C
37.00 soft top
33.00 Passenger seat
27.00 Spare tire and jack
20.00 door windows, mechs, etc
10.75 Door and deck speakers
10.50 replaced headlights with midtenn fixed lights
10.00 replaced P/S with manual steering
8.00 Misc airbag stuff
6.00 replaced flywheel with shaved flywheel
6.00 replaced exhaust manifold with JR headers
6.00 deck lid
6.00 replaced '92 7-spoke alloys with '94 hollow spoke/pad
6.00 replaced catalytic converter with test pipe
5.50 wiper motor, arms, blades, bolts
5.00 replaced steering wheel with Grant GT wheel
5.00 deck/behind seats insulation
4.50 trunk hinges, springs, catches
4.25 bolts and rails for top
4.00 CD player, remote, harness
4.00 Front baby teeth
4.00 insulation under carpet
3.75 pax seat belt
3.75 AFM and square air cleaner
3.50 Speaker wires, +/- wires for amp, antenna
3.25 rear baby teeth
3.00 front air bag sensors, wires, bolts, covers
3.00 trunk ribs
2.50 replaced power windows with manual windows
2.50 plastic engine pan
2.25 Washer bottle, pump, hoses
2.25 dynamat under back shelf
2.00 Fuel line cover, battery cover
1.75 Charcoal canister, solenoid, hoses, harness
1.75 intake brace
1.50 Metal plate under steering wheel
1.50 AFPR
1.50 replaced radiator fans with low profile fans
1.50 replaced hood latch and cable with hood pins
1.25 front fender well liners
1.25 sill plates
1.25 behind seats carpet
1.25 Spare change (under the carpet)
1.00 cut front of cam cover and removed plastic
1.00 sunvisors (both sides)
1.00 rear fender well liners
1.00 soft top latches (car side)
1.00 fuel line cover (on tank)
0.75 Passenger side mirror
0.75 dual exhaust hanger
0.75 pax armrest
0.75 2x speaker covers
0.75 radio surround
0.75 drain tubes and collectors
0.75 Pax sunvisor
0.75 jute under seats
0.75 MSD
0.50 gas lid cable and switch
0.50 hardtop bolts and bracket
0.25 fuel filter cover
0.25 eyeballs and switch
0.25 antenna cable (radio to trunk)
0.25 throttle body brace
0.25 diagnostic connector/airbag bracket
0.25 gas canister bracket
0.25 l-pipe, hose, cover for gas canister
0.25 pillow block for alternator
0.25 radio antenna stalk
0.00 Cruise Control (not sure of weight)
0.00 Trunk carpet (not sure of weight)
0.00 Trunk "back" (not sure of weight)
0.00 rear exhaust heat shield (not sure of weight)
0.00 replaced hood prop with wooden dowl (due to fixed lights)
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