Lights Wont Go Down. HELP

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I have a 95 and i tried the DIY sleepy eyes by splicing the red/white wire coming out of pop up button to another switch. it didnt work so i just connected the wire back to the way it was, now lights wont go down. ive checked fuses and everything is good. I can turn the knob to get them down and theyll go up when i turn on the lights, but wont come back down when lights are off. Whats my problem???!
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check the switch in the center of your dash. if it is faulty, your headlights will stay up.
the way you do sleepers is you splice the red-right to the red-left. Then the black-right to black-left. Your lights should go down normal after that. If you still want sleepy. Attach a wire to the left-red and another to left-black. put your lights up and quickly strike both wires and the lights should go down in incraments.
I'm having a hard time following your description, Miazda318, but here is a thread on DIY sleepy eyes that includes pictures, wiring diagrams, and two different methods. I agree with Boogie: check your hazard/pop-up switch in the center radio console. People often times forget to reconnect this switch when doing stereo work. They're not a common failure item but that doesn't mean yours might not be broken. Remember whenever working on electrical systems ALWAYS disconnect the negative battery terminal to cut off the juice. I know it takes an extra minute or two but you will save yourself so much trouble in the long run.
With my miata i did the mod and thats supposed to happen. You have to flick your switch you mounted on and off to get them to go down.Unless its something else like the a faulty switch.
You may have burned up the relay that makes them go down after having been up. The relay sits right next to the motor.

Check that.
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