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Kind of goes along with the " Why I am more JDM than you (part of a series)."

For definition for this thread...

JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) - a product for your roadster that was either available exclusively in Japan or was specifically ordered from Japan.

I don't have much but here is what I have that is JDM.

1. OEM "Roadster" Chrome Door Sills
2. OEM Black door panels with (93LE style) speaker grills
3. AWD Gauges
4. AWD HVAC Panel
5. KG Works door pulls
6. KG Works Chrome Washer Nozzles
7. Daikei Boss Hub Adapter
8. Runabout Mirrors

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I'm afraid to add everything up!

  • Garage Vary Vintage Tail Light Kit
    Garage Vary front lip spoiler (yet to install)
    Fuji-Racing (OER) IRTB kit
    Fuji-Racing lightened chromoly flywheel
    AWD guage faces
    AWD guage needle caps
    AWD A/C vent rings
    AWD A/C panel
    AWD A/C panel fan switch ring
    KG Works Vintage Mazda Nose Emblem
    KG Works Vintage Mazda Oil Cap
    KG Works wavy aluminum guage cluster
    KG Works chrome door pulls and lock buttons
    KG Works turn signal intake type 2 (not installed currently)
    Nielex center console toggle switches
    SheOnMe aluminum e-brake handle
    SheOnMe aluminum e-brake button
    SheOnMe aluminum center buttons for A/C vents
    SheOnMe aluminum A/C panel slider switch knobs
    SheOnMe aluminum Cigarette lighter socket surround
    SheOnMe aluminum A/C fan switch dial
    SheOnMe aluminum A/C fan switch dial center button
    Nakamae Vintage Center console in red carpet to match my LE red
    Nakamae Vintage quilted tranny tunnel covers
    Dakai steering hub adapter
    Runabout M2 replica side mirrors
    JDM red seatbelts from an S-Special that have no extra web stitching
    Nardi Classico with polished spokes and "Nardi Tokyo" horn button! (I ordered this from Japan from an auction)
    Some JDM stickers from various places

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Both my cars were manufacutered in Japan.

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1996 S-Spec II:
1. The car is 100% JDM: factory extras are 15" BBS, S-Spec floor mats, Roadster sill covers.
2. Okuyama Triangulated Strut Brace
3. ARC Super Intake Chamber
4. ARC Super Intake Induction Box
5. Apex'i adjustable shocks
6. Knight Sports oil cap (OK, not Roadster part, but I like it)
7. KG Works stop lamp cover
8. KG Works Polished guage kit
9. GHO 1001 nose; ok, its actually a replica because the real part turned out to be a POS (quality wise)
10. D-Technique 4-point rollbar
11. Dcuatro headlight lid.

In my shed, ready to go in sometime; Ligier-Gold--Bride seat, Spats seat.

1993 M2-1002.
1. Ditto; some M2-specific extras; mirrors, Panasports, custom Zoom behind seats pockets (matched to the ivory leather), overmats, lots of leather
2. KG Works interor lights (being removed)
3. Zoom wing indicators; being replaced with stock
4. Mazdaspeed goodies under the camcover.

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ha I have like one thing, its the little cubby hole that takes the place of that retarded passenger airbag switch onNBs

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Uh oh- this thread is going to draw out all the haters :lol: :lol: :lol:

oh well, so be it, here it goes: exterior: M2 1028 mirrors, Active headlights, Dori Dori rims; interior: JDM knee pad box, JDM flip-lid box, JDM auto-down window switches, Mazdaspeed D-cut steering, Mazdspeed trap timer, FET quick release, Style Wada mirror cover, JDM non-airbag seatbelts, MS shiftknob, Mazdaspeed instrument cluster, JDM VR limited instrument panel; mech: Mazdaspeed STB, Mazdaspeed oil cap, Mazdaspeed spark plug wires, DCuatro radiator panel

Sitting in my room .... this is where it gets interesting :wink: :!: : ARC intake chamber, 350m Mazdaspeed steering wheel, 'hornless' 5zigen steering wheel, HKS VPC complete, HKS peak/hold oil temp meter, HKS oil cooler setup off a R30, Garage Vary canards, Garage Vary 2mm gauge pod, Zest TSIs, Chargespeed lip spoiler, Mazdaspeed sideskirts, HKS Kansai rear wing, 2 more Mazdaspeed shift knobs, Mazdaspeed adj coilovers set, mazdaspeed NA8 flywheel, EDM rear finisher panel (OK, not JDM but it is somethingDM!).

Kind-of-JDM: Trust exh on the car. HKS Super Dragger off the car, Tein NA coilovers on the car.

On-the-boat-at-this-moment-as-we-speak: all I'll say is LOTS MORE GOOD SHEEEEEEET :wink: :wink:

There's probably more.... I have a cold and I'm not thinking straight .....

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Quick question; hows the VR-Limited instrument panel different from a standard US panel. Except for the speedo being in kph, it should be the same, right?

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Quick question; hows the VR-Limited instrument panel different from a standard US panel. Except for the speedo being in kph, it should be the same, right?
You can see it in my car in the garage. The panel (not the gauges but the panel surrounding the gauges) has a carbon fiber finish and a VR limited script on the bottom left.

Also- the VR limited as I understand it came with gauges with 6'oclock needles. I don't have those guages though.

I believe there were 2 VR limiteds released at 2 different times, so it's probably confusing which one has what.

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Um okay.. This is kinda why we're all here I guess.

On car:
MAZDASPEED D-Cut Steering Wheel
MAZDASPEED Black Horn Button
MAZDASPEED Leather Shift Knob
MAZDASPEED Strut Tower Bar
MAZDASPEED 1.3 Bar Rad Cap
RS-Watanabe Type-B Wheels
Vitaloni M2-1028 Replica Mirrors
Daikei Hub Adapter
Amco Antenna

Not currently on car:
MAZDASPEED Dimples Steering Wheel
MAZDASPEED 360 Steering Wheel
MAZDASPEED Steering Wheel Pad
MAZDASPEED Black Horn Button
Runabout M2-1001 Replica Mirrors
KG-Works Lic Plate Mount

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I have a RS Aizawa front bumper
KG rear brake lamp
KG Visor plugs
Dakei Hub boss

And the rest is JDM inspired AKA wannabe JDM
I got the CDM E-bay coilovers, so that makes up for my lack of JDM

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I have three Mazdas made in Japan :D
Two Miatas and one RX8!

Here's the list from only one of my Miatas (the other has lots of JDM goodies as well).

Garage Vary Front Spoiler
Garage Vary Vintage Tail Light Kit
Runabout Vintage Mirrors
KG Works Fender Flares
KG Works Classic Air Intake Turn Signals
KG Works Fuel Cap
KG Works Washer Nozzles
Clear Third Brake Light
Okuyama Offset Plate Mount
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sparco Speed Racing Seats
Greddy Boost Gauge
Greddy Temperature Gauge
Steering wheel adaptor
Nakamae Vintage Console
KG Works Classic Style Mirror
KG Works Interior Door Handles
KG Works Interior Door Rings
KG Works Interior Lights
KG Works Fan Knob Cover
KG Works Stainless Gauge Pod
KG Works Vintage Horn Button
KG Works Vintage Oil Cap
KG Works Pull And Plate Sport Sheet
AWD Can-Am Gauges
AWD Needle Caps
AWD Heater Control Panel
Mazdapseed Floor Mats
Mazdaspeed Short Shifter
Polished Shifter Trim Ring
Polished Brake Button
Dual Chrome Hood Props

Suspension & Brakes
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tein HA Coilovers (5kg/4kg)
Tein EDFC Shock Controller
M2 Upper Mounts on Coilovers
Mazda/Okuyama Strut Tower Brace
Sportmax 002 15x8 0 Offset Wheels
Falken Azenis RT-615 Tires 205/50/15
Kyokugen Lightweight Wheel Nuts
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Other items:
Greddy Oil Catch Tank

Do I win? :D

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people are listing all their mods for some reason not just the JDM ones.

heres my jdm styles:
cusco zero2 coilovers
cusco type os strut bar
workbell rapfix2
super advan sa3r 15x6.5 +32
sick ass remix bubble shift knob

and not installed and the boat:
ssr formula reverse 14x8-11
oem momo eunos steering wheel- this one is going to sean jay since i have a wheel already

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........ JDM option sticker?
Seriously, I don't think I have much of anything. :oops:

Do Falken tires count? Aww, never mind, I don't think ziex are available exclusively in Japan as stated in the first post.
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