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So back in the day, when I was running an Escort GT with a few buds of mine, we played a game of follow the leader and ended up near Orting, close to lake kapowsin. Anyways, there is a real nice hill climb out there on a road called Camp 1 Rd. I think it's probably two miles up and then you turn around and come down or you can take the scenic route down, which I've not done yet. I've got Saturday's, Monday's and Tuesday's off and I'm wondering if anyone wants to head out there and investigate the scenic route down the mountain or just have a good drive and hit up the sonic drive thru on the way back home. Also, if you've got a fun spot to run at, post it up with a google earth file so we know where it's at. I'll be posting mine soon.

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I'd be down for some exploration. I need to start searching for some good roads, the only one I really know of is the hill by flaming geyser. I'll see if I can figure out the google maps thing to post on here.

EDIT - I think I figured it out:

They simplified the road on this map and it is covered with trees, it is actually more twisty than it appears lol.
There's not many places for them to hide on that little stretch - but black diamond as a whole is known for giving speeding tickets for 36 in a 35. I've never experienced it first hand though.
I work Tuesday.. If something happens on the weekend I'm there :)
Awesome! I'm excited too. Hopefully the weather clears up in the near future, enough with this rain! lol
I should be able to make it on that Saturday.
Covington. It's between Kent and Maple Valley.
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