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So things just keep getting worse and worse...

So the recent theft of my CD player, sub, and amp sucked bad enough, seeing how I'm music-less and had to buy a new window. But have things gotten better? Nope.

Thursday night I was installing my new pads and rotors (thanks adrenaline racing) and all was going well, until I get to the left rear. The caliper wouldn't budge. I finally pried it up and got it to rotate on the upper pin, and got the new rotor and pads on, and then jammed the caliper back down over them, figuring that after the first few times I used the brakes, the caliper would loosen itself and re-center. Wrong. Thank God my brother was following me, else my Miata would probably be a smoldering wreck right now, seeing how the rear rotor was glowing bright red. So, I limp the car back to the shop and park it there.

Friday after work, I try again to remove the caliper from the caliper bracket. Prybar? Nope. PB Blaster? Nope. 5-lb sledge? Nope. Nothing, the damn thing would not move. OK, let's head over to Advance Auto and buy a new caliper and bracket...great...100$, just what I need. And oh yeah, it'll be about 5 days for it to be shipped.

So today, Tuesday, after work I get the new caliper and bracket out of the box that I picked up last night. Bracket won't fit. @*(E*#$!! Get out oxy-acetalyne (sp?) torch, heat bracket, straighten bracket, burn fingers on bracket, drop bracket, kick bracket across the floor, curse loudly...

OK, bracket is on the car, so is caliper, rotor, and pads. Phew. Ah crap, left the new brake fluid at home. Oh well, we'll do it tomorrow.

So, hop into the 3000GT SL I've been borrowing from a colleague since friday, head home in the pouring down rain. Car's pulling more right then usual, crap, forgot to check the tire pressure, Marty told me to keep an eye on it. Oh well, fill it up on the way to work tomorrow. Damn this RAIN!!!

Pulling onto campus, man that car's pulling right...oh great, that's a flat...*** *** ***, creep into the parking lot, shut 'er down. Piece of crap. Get out of car...rain down sweater...Oh )(*#&$&#!! Tires not only flat, but COMPLETELY off the bead of the rim!!! SON of a....

OK, screw putting on a spare in the dark, cold, and rain, we'll do it tomorrow before work....let's hope this car still has a spare, jack, and lugwrench...

Finally inside....little brother calls...stuck on the side of the road, 2 hours away from Charlotte, 1/2 hour from my parent's house to which he was enroute to..."hey man, the bearings on my supercharger do NOT sound good, what should I do??" (he drives a '95 2.0L golf with a supercharger on it) I tell him, check the oil, make sure you're not low, gotta keep the sucker lubed.

5 minutes later he calls back "dude, the supercharger seized up. I had checked the oil, there was plenty, but the noise got worse, then a loud squeal, so I shut 'er down and pulled over"

Great, so now it's dark and cold and raining out, and the poor kid has to wait for my parents to pick him up, and then tomorrow they have to get the car.

To make things worse, all of the stock parts and his tools are here at my apartment, and I'm not planning on leaving to go home for Thanksgiving until thursday.

Damn...I think that is THE LONGEST rant I've ever written. Oh yeah, did I mention I'm broke as hell, too? :(

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Exact same thing happened to my left rear brake. I had no money at the time so i just drilled a hole in the end of the caliper where the sliding pin goes in and knocked the pin out with a punch and a hammer. Then i lubed it up really good and packed the hole with grease. I know this doesn't help you any since you got a new caliper but i thought i would share my story. Everything seems to go wrong at once.
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